Thermal spa – Ironmonger Row Baths

The centerpiece of spa LONDON Ironmonger Row Baths is the Thermal Spa Experience set uniquely in one of London’s oldest Turkish Baths.

Consisting of seven chambers each housing a different heat treatment. The Thermal Spa Experience offers you the chance to indulge in traditional therapies that date back hundreds of years.

Complementing our traditional heat experiences are the Plunge Pool, Ice Fountain, Bucket and Monsoon Shower.All of our thermal therapies and facilities are fully accessible to all. We recommend that you start your experience within the Hammam, before moving onto the thermal rooms, enabling you to acclimatise gradually to the heat.
We advise that you drink plenty of water and complete your experience in our relaxation lounge. Refreshments such as fresh fruit, infused water and herbal infusion teas are complimentary during your visit.

A heated seating area, the Hammam is theperfect introduction to the heat sequence and
can be used to relax between experiences.

Hot Rooms
Tepidarium warm room – Caldarium hotter room – Laconium hottest room. A series of hot, dry air rooms, which vary from moderate to intense heats. Designed to relax the muscles and relieve the pain of rheumatics.

Aroma Steam Rooms
Two ceramic-tiled rooms offering ‘wet’ heat, the climate has a very high humidity and the steam is enriched with essence. Designed to soften the skin, cleanse the pores, calm the nervous system and relieve tension.

Two ‘dry’ heat treatment rooms in cedar and hemlock with temperature reaching 90C to 100C, designed to bring about perspiration to cleanse the body of impurities.

Monsoon Shower
Aroma-infused shower water jets, create different water experiences. These range from a warm tropical downpour to cool water, releasing a fine Scotch mist.

Bucket Shower
Receive a refreshing downpour of cool water.

Ice Fountain
The Ice Fountain creates ice flakes to rub all over the body, stimulating the circulation and cooling the body.

Plunge Pool
Alternate the heat treatments by immersing in the traditional Plunge Pool. An icy pool, each dip will boost the circulation by cooling the body.

Relaxation Lounge
A splendid 1930s wood paneled lounge restored to its former glory, designed for pure relaxation.


Thermal Prices – 3 hour session

Thermal Spa sessions must be booked in advance due to limited capacity and to avoid disappointment.

Non member £26
Better member £19
Concessionary member £9
Better Health & Fitness plus spa – Inclusive

Please note from 2:30pm on a weekend our sessions become peak times and therefore discounted prices may vary.

Mixed spa sessions are available to book online on the following days:

Wednesday 11am – 9pm
Saturday 9am – 6pm
Sunday 9am – 6pm

To book a spa session on an alternative please Contact us

You do not need to be a member to come and relax at spa LONDON Ironmonger
Row Baths. However, if you hold a Better membership, we are able to offer
you greater benefits and discounts.
To find out more information on how to join please visit our Better memberships alternatively please speak to a member of the sales team when you visit.